ICE chief looking to charge sanctuary city leaders with smuggling

Wow.  Can you imagine the hue and cry if the nation's top immigration enforcement officer were to charge the leaders of sanctuary cities with smuggling? That's just what Thomas Homan, the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is contemplating. Washington Times: "I think 409,000 is a stretch this year, but if [the Justice Department] keeps going in the direction they're going in, if we continue to expand our operational footprint, I think we're going to get there," he told The Washington Times. "Our interior arrests will go up. They're going to top last year's for sure." Mr. Homan is the spear tip of President Trump's effort to step up immigration enforcement – perhaps the largest swing in attitude for any agency in government from the last administration to the current one. Agents and officers have been unshackled from the limits imposed by Mr. Obama, whose rules...(Read Full Post)