Fusion GPS - in bed with the mainstream media all along

Fusion GPS, the political opposition research group at the center of the media's Trump-colluded-with-the-Russians "narrative" has been abnormally cozy with the mainstream media organs it's used in its disinformation and smear operations. Now, they're protecting them. Daily Caller reports that these very same press creatures who worked with Fusion GPS to spread the false stories about Trump, have gotten curiously silent about the firm's role in the widening web of scandal about the firm's actual role in colluding with the Russians. They include CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times, none of which have reported a word about the new revelations showing that Fusion GPS took money from the Russians to undercut President Trump. Fusion GPS apparently took money from anyone. They not only cooked up the infamous phony "golden showers" dossier about President Trump, not a word of which was true, though some media outlets reported it that...(Read Full Post)