Enrollment at University of Missouri continues to tank

Two years after protests on campus led to several incidents of bullying and denigrating white students, the University of Missouri has seen freshman enrollment drop precipitously for two straight years. This has caused a budget shortfall that has resulted in the closing of seven dorms and the loss of 400 jobs. Daily Caller: Mizzou experienced a 25 percent decline in freshman enrollment and suffered a $32 million hit to its budget in spring 2016. The university's freshman enrollment deficit is at 35 percent as of Monday, according to The New York Times. Allegations of racism on campus from the student group #ConcernedStudent1950 in November 2015 led to the school's football team refusing to play until the school president stepped down (he did) and a protest at which mass media professor Melissa Click called for "muscle" to forcibly remove a student reporter from the area.  Ms. Click – who claimed her firing was a matter of...(Read Full Post)