Dem senator beclowns herself on Senate floor

The needle on my schadenfreude gauge just moved into the red zone, where my soul may be in peril.  After all, it is indecent to take pleasure in the suffering of another being, and I have no excuse.  But really, am I supposed to pretend this misspelling by Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) on a giant poster on the hallowed Senate floor doesn't deserve mockery? In the interest of fairness, here is the entire context on video.  It is even better because she doesn't notice the misspelling as her aide switches the cardboard posters on the easel, and she drones on, clueless to the mildly moronic spectacle she offers. It is just too rich to ignore.  Dumbing it down with posters and dumbing yourself down at the same time.  All the more delicious because the rhyme "Cantwell can't spell" springs to the mind so readily. It's rich because everyone knows that the Democrats are the party of intellectual pretension.  They are...(Read Full Post)