CNN covers up al-Qaeda propagandist involvement in Syria documentary

CNN's documentary Undercover in Syria received the prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in foreign news coverage in 2016 – a fact trumpeted by the network in news releases and in on-air commercials.  Correspondent Clarissa Ward went behind rebel lines in Aleppo to report on Russian involvement in the Syria civil war. But CNN covered up the name of the individual who filmed most of the documentary.  Bilal Abdul Kareem and his website had been contracted by CNN to shoot the project for the network.  But when award time came, the CNN sort of, kind of forgot the participation of Abdul Kareem and barely mentioned his name in the credits. Why?  Because Abdul Kareem is one of the top English-language propagandists for al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria. Salon: Contrary to Abdul Kareem's claim that CNN had simply "forgotten" him, the network may have had reason to airbrush him out of its public relations material. The man...(Read Full Post)