Civil order slipping away in Chicago

Chicago is now notorious for the murder rate it suffers, vastly out of proportion to its population when compared to New York or Los Angeles.  That horrendous carnage largely is confined to a couple of locations where rival gangs are battling over control of turf for drug deals.  But what of the rest of the city? There are signs that the fragile bonds that keep people functioning in society without routine resort to violence are fraying in Chicago.  There is an invisible line looming ahead, the one where people no longer assume that they can rely on the police and courts to assure them of personal safety in their daily lives, and so must resort to defensive measures, or else suffer as victims. Consider the lives of Chicagoans who live or hang out in Boystown, the city's center of gay life. (Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown) reports on what has become a wave of attacks ("brawls") there. Once the sidewalk cafe fence goes...(Read Full Post)