Child labor in Iran

Iran is currently one of the youngest countries in the world.  Seventy percent of the current population of 80,957,894 are under 35. Despite having rich oil and gas fields, culture, and civilization, the youth and especially children in Iran are still deprived of basic human rights. Today in Iran, the common belief is that child labor is "normal."  Parents regard their children as additional sources of income.  Some families attempt to combine school attendance with excessively long and heavy work. At a very early age, children often separate from their families to earn a few cents per hour and are consequently exposed to serious hazards and illnesses.  You may find them on the streets of large cities like Tehran, Esfahan, and Tabriz in large numbers.  They simply do not have enough time to go to school and improve their future prospects. Recently, Iranian media published reports on seven million child laborers, as well as a...(Read Full Post)