Can we stop with the 'nation of immigrants' mantra?

I have a strong stomach, but if I hear one more Democrat justify the  government's importation of Syrian, Roma, Somalian, Afghan, and Libyan peoples, and their grandmothers, by mindlessly chanting that we're a "nation of immigrants," I'll retch. An immigrant is my great grandmother trotting off a sailing ship in a snowstorm in Lower Manhattan with nothing in her purse, surprised that she couldn't walk the miles to where her aunt had a job for her in Brooklyn and having to spend a day hungry and freezing until a priest paid her ten-cent ferry fare.  An immigrant is the very successful Chinese woman I did some business with who came over in the nineties with her extended family.  She was on public assistance "two weeks," she told me proudly, before they founded "two corporations" making things by hand for the aircraft aftermarket in their tiny apartment.  An immigrant is the Jew jammed into a tenement on Lower East...(Read Full Post)