What is the Democratic platform?

Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post has an opinion piece titled "The Problem with the Republican Platform is that there is no Republican Platform."  I wonder why she didn't ask what the Democrat platform is today.  There doesn't seem to be one other than blocking Trump. We just went through eight years of Obama, and my guess is that Rampell and most reporters would have trouble coming up with an actual platform, but I don't recall her ever complaining about it.  Yet less than five months into Trump's term, she is complaining. Obamacare has been failing, and its costs have been skyrocketing, ever since it was passed over seven years ago.  During Obama's presidency, Democrats generally didn't even pass a budget as required by law.  Government spending skyrocketed under Obama and the Democrats, debt went up around $10 trillion, and what we got was the slowest economic recovery in seventy years....(Read Full Post)