We love participation trophies...don't we?

Who said history repeats itself?  Who remembers this one from the late 1990s? In 1997, more than 150 countries came together in Kyoto, Japan, to negotiate a deal to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions driving global warming.  Back then, the negotiations centered around developed countries, like the U.S., Japan and Australia with the intention that richer countries would lead the way and create a legally binding treaty with emissions targets and reduction timelines. As you may remember, it did not pass the U.S. Senate. Kyoto was another example of how difficult it is to pass an international treaty dealing with economic issues.   For some, climate change is the end of the world and even a religion.  For a lot of workers, it's their job going to China or paying more for electricity.  It's complicated, to say the least. The Paris Agreement was a lousy deal, as Matt Lewis wrote: This was greeted with predictable scorn....(Read Full Post)