Warren Buffett, socialist

Warren Buffett thinks a single-payer health care system is the way to go.  That would certainly destroy millions of private-sector jobs in the same way that raising the minimum wage too high has done.  It is so nice that billionaire Buffett wants to give more power to the government and take away choice and freedom of the people. Here are some great ideas for Buffett: we should go to a single-payer auto insurance company and get rid of companies like GEICO, which he owns.  There is no reason to have freedom of choice and coverage, and everyone who drives should get insurance at a reasonable price.  I believe that everyone is entitled to a policy no matter what pre-existing conditions he has – like always driving drunk.  If we took away the profit, insurance would be more affordable. We also should get to where the government owns all the railroads, like Burlington Northern, which Buffett owns.  Railroads are necessary, and the rates are just...(Read Full Post)