Trump fends off 'Showboat' Comey and the federal zombies

He pleaded the case of a loyal soldier, rather than forsake retired U.S. Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn to the mercies of FBI director James Comey.  And he asked for loyalty from the congenitally disloyal.  You'll agree: President Donald Trump is being indicted on technicalities and on personal style. Distill the president's unremarkable actions, subject to a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, and it becomes clear that the establishment – for sensible people outside the Beltway have dissociated from the Russia-collusion phantasmagoria – is indicting Trump on the plain, impolitic speech that catapulted him from candidate to president. Trump is "aggressive and oblivious to the rules of engagement," fumed CNN's sibilant Chris Cillizza, formerly of the Washington Post.  Correct.  But was the language of combat you deployed, Mr. Cillizza, a Freudian slip? The president's linguistic infelicities – a word...(Read Full Post)