Tourists shun Castro's Cuba like a bad smell

To hear Ben Rhodes, the mastermind of President Obama's opening to the Cuban regime, tell it, Americans are just pining to go to Cuba. Nothing must top feeling like Beyonce dancing away the night on the Malecon in quaint old Havana. Few issues have as much bipartisan support as promoting freedom of Americans to travel to Cuba. Restricting travel is restricting freedom. — Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 10, 2017 The facts on the ground tell a different story. As Rhodes touts trips to Cuba's communist military dictatorship as somehow something in the line of 'freedom' in his new 'narrative, airline carriers are fleeing the island hellhole, for one and tourists are bailing out. According to Marketwatch: Americans are less interested in travel to Cuba this year than they were in 2016, a survey from insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance found. Some 76% of the 1,514 respondents said they were not likely to plan a trip...(Read Full Post)