The two Americas

For many years now, we conservatives have had the impression that our nation is fragmenting.  Day by day, more signs of this disintegration accumulate.  Throughout it all, many of us had hoped that the fragmentation could be reversed.  We tried to persuade ourselves that our republic would prove resistant to unconstitutional ideas, and that the American people would come to their senses and reunite, before irreversible catastrophe occurred. That hope seems to be quickly vanishing. Two items in the news are of special interest.  One of them is that protesters are conducting marches against sharia law.  The other involves a young woman named Reality Winner, who has been arrested and jailed on charges of stealing and publishing secret government documents that purport to link Russia to election hacking.  Winner's motive seems linked to the fact that she has been publicly opposed to the Trump presidency – so much so as to have...(Read Full Post)