The Trump-hating left's descent into pornoviolence

Fareed Zakaria, for better or worse, is generally considered a man on the housebroken side of the left.  He's the establishment, the kind of leftist who goes to conferences and opines deep thoughts.  He's not the street thug, cyber-goon, or rabid foul-mouthed late-night comedy mess-on-the-carpet side of the left. But even Zakaria has now fallen to the bloodlust against President Trump prevalent on the left, tweeting: If you're in NYC, go see Julius Caesar, free in Central Park, brilliantly interpreted for Trump era. A masterpiece: — Fareed Zakaria (@FareedZakaria) May 31, 2017 Having failed to prevent the election of Donald Trump, having failed to prove Russia collusion allegations against him, having failed to impeach him – the left is now turning to assassination fantasies, some say in the hope of getting one deranged lunatic to act on them.  It started early, grew prominent with...(Read Full Post)