The shots heard 'round the USA

At a baseball field where Republican congressmen were practicing for their annual charity baseball game against the congressional Democrats, James T.  Hodgkinson shot five people.  It was a cowardly, premeditated attack.  The attack took place on Flag Day and may have been associated in the shooter's mind with being a patriotic act of defiance against America's taxation policy and against the Republicans specifically.  Photos of Mr. Hodgkinson have been published showing him protesting the lowering of federal personal income taxes on the rich, beginning with the presidency of Ronald Reagan.  One sign reads, "Tax The Rich."  Yet the Washington Post article about the shooter had only nine sentences about the political orientation of the shooter out of 72 in the entire article.  Instead, it focuses on some of the shooter's run-ins with the police and his reputation among people who knew him.   In...(Read Full Post)