The other MS-13 story

Down in Central America, El Salvador is getting ready for the return of MS-13 gang members.  It is indeed complicated, as Joshua Partlow reports:      The Trump administration's push to deport more Central American gang membershas alarmed officials here who fear that the returning gangsters could exacerbate violence in one of the deadliest countries in the hemisphere. This year the U.S. government has deported 398 gang members to this country, compared with 534 in all of 2016, according to Salvadoran government statistics.  This sharp increase in the rate of gang deportations – and the prospect of more gang roundups in the United States – has prompted Salvadoran authorities to hold emergency meetings and propose new legislation to monitor suspected criminals who are being sent home. "This clearly affects El Salvador. We already have a climate of violence in the country that we are combating," said Héctor...(Read Full Post)