Surf's up

For the globalist left-elite, President Trump backing away from the Paris Climate Accord can only be compared to pulling the plug on the great atmosphere machine created by the mysterious Orovars on Edgar Rice Burroughs's fictional planet Barsoom.  We are all going to strangle, suffocate, and die.  Or maybe get asthma, as the Einstein-like Joe Biden apparently believes, even though he knows – indeed, as everybody knows – that all the "Accord" actually does is send U.S. money to the U.N., who then sends it to the Third World so that that corrupt elite can steal it and build more villas on the Riviera. But it's not the suffocating paranoia that gets me about these people; it's the sea rising thing.  So I watched avidly as Philip Levine, global warming alarmist and mayor of Miami Beach, reacted last week on Tucker.  Now that Trump has acted, cities are going to drown; children are going to drown; and after he bites the...(Read Full Post)