Some simple questions for James Comey

In the wake of the James Comey spectacle in Congress Friday, it's pretty reasonable to see the double standards, the unasked questions, the bias toward one side of the political spectrum.  So what would an intelligent citizen have to ask the former FBI director?  How about this? You said you wrote a memo on your meeting with Trump because you were afraid he would lie.  So why didn't you have your agents record the meeting with Hillary Clinton, since she is a known liar?  Was it because it was a "matter" and not a real investigation?  Isn't it extremely odd that if it was an actual serious investigation, you didn't have Hillary testify under oath? Or this: Isn't it true that when President Obama said he didn't see anything that jeopardized the nation's security in Hillary Clinton's illegal, unsecured private server, that was a message to the FBI and Justice Department not to charge her?  Did you get queasy...(Read Full Post)