Republicans at the crossroads on Obamacare repeal

Republican senators have reached the crossroads on repealing Obamacare.  They can either begin their long promised dismantling of the health care law or succumb to the doomsday rhetoric from a Democratic Party that has lost over 1,000 state and federal electoral seats since President Obama began his namesake transformation to socialized medicine. With senators at both ends of the Republican spectrum expressing various concerns about the Senate's so-called "Better Care Reconciliation Act," leadership are working to make changes but has also have said "they do not think adding more time will help them win votes."  A vote is scheduled later this week. All of the posturing and wringing of hands over a limited repeal bill raises the question: what are these senators so afraid of after campaigning ceaselessly for the past three election cycles on Obamacare repeal? Sally Pipes, writing at, makes the case that the GOP Better Care bill is...(Read Full Post)