Ossoff's defeat is a win for America!

Did the Russians hack the Georgia election?  Leftists are all over media creating straw men to disguise the simple truth that voters have rejected their treasonous Trump resistance movement.  Jon Ossoff losing in Georgia is the fifth election Democrats have lost since Trump's crushing defeat of Hillary.  Losing the Georgia race has to be particularly painful, because, once again, leftists lied to themselves and their base that Ossoff would surely win, just as they did with Hillary.

My question is, how crazy will Democrats' official Resistance Summer domestic terrorism become after their devastating loss in Georgia?  Thus far, leftists have mock-beheaded Trump; mock-put a bullet in his head; mock-stabbed Trump; dreamed of beating Trump with a golf club; talked about blowing up the W.H., physically attacked Trump voters; kidnapped and tortured a Trump supporter; and gunned down Republicans who were practicing for a charity baseball game.

Leftists are disappointed, desperate, deranged, and overflowing with hatred for our president and his supporters – an extremely dangerous mix of emotions.  How much lower will leftists take their depravity and violence?

My fellow Americans, I wish to express my deep, heartfelt thanks for your help stopping Jon Ossoff, "Nasty" Pelosi's latest anti-Trump minion.  A handful of Hollywood leftists spent mega-millions to help their Great Leftist Hope candidate win the Georgia congressional seat.  Ossoff could not vote for himself because he does not live in the 6th District.  Masters of deception, Democrats pretended that their national leftist push for Ossoff represented the thinking of Georgia voters.  They lied.

My wife Mary and I spent months in Georgia with the Conservative Campaign Committee in their boots-on-the-ground effort to inspire Georgia voters to "drop the remote and vote."  We ran radio ads on major stations, conducted numerous sign-waving sessions at busy intersections, sent out mailers, organized phone-from-home, produced videos and tons of social media.  We left no stone unturned to get votes for Republican Karen Handel.

Brothers and sisters who love America, we cannot let up.  Rest assured: leftists will triple down on their insane efforts to remove our president.  We must remain engaged.  Republicans must continue to vote in large numbers, not taking any of the upcoming races for granted.

Again, thanks for your help carrying Karen Handel across the finish line.  God bless.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist