Donald Trump's wealth redistribution plan

Yesterday's Georgia 6th race to fill the seat of Tom Price – in which I happily voted for Ms. Handel (thank you, Mr. Lloyd Marcus, for your support) – shows that Donald Trump has been successful in causing a large redistribution of wealth from the Hollywood elites and other wealthy leftist Democratic supporters to the pockets of red-state Georgians.

This race set a record for spending, with a total of about $50 million, the next closest being a 2012 Palm Beach County race that spent $30 million.  The Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff's team outspent Handel seven to one, which means they spent (based on who you listen to) between $25 and $40 million and did not move the needle at all from the 48.1 percent Ossoff got in the primary!  And it was less than the total combined Dem primary percentage of 49% of votes cast.  It was estimated that over 90% of that total funding came from California alone – well more than $25 million.

It was reported that Ossoff used that money to deploy 12,000 paid and volunteer supporters to door-knock and otherwise publicly campaign for him.  A friend told me about overhearing a restaurant conversation two weeks ago between two people from New York (they said so) loudly blabbing about being paid operatives, all the while bashing the great unwashed idiot masses who live here.  And the Dems wonder why they can't win.

So now we have a pipeline built to pump money from California libs and Hollywood elites to red states and into the pockets of Georgia companies and workers.  Just think how many jobs benefited from printing all the mail flyers, the radio and TV ads, paying campaign workers, and increased restaurant and hotel bookings.  For the past three weeks, we got at least one piece from each candidate daily, and on some days, we got multiple pieces of mail.  And the 15 calls per day! 

So kudos to Trump and the MAGA groups.  You guys have finally found a way to extract money from rich leftists by using the leadership of their party, who then dump it into black holes that produce absolutely zero results, while enriching workers, businesses, and the USPS.  Can't think of a better way to spend their money!