Megyn Kelley first loses conservatives, now is losing liberals

Long knives are unsheathed for Megyn Kelly from both sides of the political spectrum. When she took on then-candidate Trump, she began to lose conservatives, and sealed the deal with her sexual harassment accusations that accompanied her departure from Fox for the liberal pastures of Comcast’s NBC. Now, in the words of Scott Greer, deputy editor of the Daily Caller, “Liberals no longer want Megyn Kelly.” The essay is insightful, covering her behavior and its consequences, up to and including the reaction to her interview with Alex Jones.  Read the whole thing if you want to follow the continuing trajectory of Megyn Kelly's career.  The conclusion: It seems that Kelly was only liked because she served as a dividing force at Fox. Journalists only liked her when she helped bring down Roger Ailes, made other network stars uncomfortable and, of course, routinely attacked the Republican nominee for president. As a primetime anchor for Fox News,...(Read Full Post)