Lifestyles of Rich and Chavista: Venezuela's plutocrats finally draw scrutiny

Venezuela's wealthy elites aligned with the regime are at long last drawing scrutiny as the country's socialist system, with all its shortages, poverty, roaring corruption, infrastructural collapse, and violence, spirals into a living hell.  Reuters has a report here. CARACAS, June 2 (Reuters) – One is shown blowing a kiss from a private jet. Another is seen posing in front of a store of luxury jeweler Cartier in China. Others grin as they tuck into a plate of lobster or a massive birthday cake. Venezuelan activists are increasingly posting details of locations and lifestyles of leftist officials and their families, depicting them as thriving off corruption while the population struggles to eat in a devastating economic crisis. The social media blitzes, targeting officials and their business partners, relatives and even lovers, are another weapon in a wave of huge protests against President Nicolas Maduro's government that began in...(Read Full Post)