Kathy Griffin should be prosecuted

There have been numerous articles about Kathy Griffin's photo of a facsimile bloody severed head of President Trump.  The general view of the Opposition Party, consisting of the MSM, Democrats, and NeverTrumps, is that the photo, while in poor taste, is protected speech by our First Amendment. Congressional Republicans have been their usual silent cowardly selves by not defending Trump and agreeing that this is protected by the First Amendment, so there's nothing else to say. I disagree that the photo is protected speech.  If you make a threat to kill or injure another person, you should be charged with a criminal offense. The photo is speech, but what is the point or purpose?  It is, in fact, is a play on the photos and videos released by ISIS, where ISIS has beheaded Catholics, journalists, and other civilians. The purpose of ISIS releasing videos and photos of beheadings is to terrorize.  ISIS beheads and releases the videos and...(Read Full Post)