Kathy Griffin reveals how the radical left thinks

During all the flap over Kathy Griffin's severed head stunt, she let something slip while she was trying to turn her vile actions around into injury at the hands of others.  "So many people have expressed to me personally at my shows across the country that they're scared[.]"  Why should her friends be fearful?  Kathy was the only one who lost anything.  And the loss was a direct result of her actions, not a "beat-down" at President Trump's hand. This apparent existential fear is a mystery to those of us on the political right.  Certainly, we were concerned while Barack Obama occupied the White House.  But we didn't riot, destroy property, and injure people as the political far left is now doing.  We tried to figure out how to cope and possibly reverse the political tides.  Our history gives no indication of any actions that Kathy's friends should be afraid of.  So where does it come...(Read Full Post)