Justice Ginsburg has to choose her historic legacy now

How is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a spirited fighter all her life, going to react to the letter from 58 House Republicans who called for her recusal on the forthcoming travel ban case because of her public disparagement of President Trump during the campaign?  Normally, all three branches of the federal government jealously protect their powers from encroachments by the other two.  And Supreme Court justices are exempt from the rules of judicial conduct that would force a lesser judge in Ginsburg's position to recuse herself. So it is quite possible for Justice Ginsburg to ignore the letter or dismiss it if she wishes.  Tell the Republicans of The People's House to go pound sand. But what then? Though I have never met her and don't consider myself a student of her work, I have to believe that she cares about her place in history.  Her career as an ACLU lawyer demonstrates that from early on she was interested in making an impact on the law...(Read Full Post)