Is higher government spending always the solution?

Every morning, the public wakes up to articles from the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and the New York Times that can best be described as Democratic Party talking points.  Today, in my local paper, one article was headlined "Opioid Recovery on the Line." It was probably the same as this AP piece here, and it was about GOP Medicaid cuts supposedly hitting hard.  But it was nothing but scare tactics.  Somehow, the reporters did not point out that Medicaid spending is actually going to continue to go up and there are no cuts on the line.  They just would not rise as much as Obama's previous pretend projections. Shouldn't the reporters even be curious as to why, if increased Medicaid spending is the solution,  the massive increases that have already occurred have only seen the problem continue to get worse, not better? Could the problem be that the government spends too much covering drugs that get people...(Read Full Post)