Hillary Clinton's spiraling rage gets Shakespearean

"Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war."  –Shakespeare, Julius Caesar Donald Trump's victory in November was a visceral, traumatic shock to those on the left who had for many long months believed their own pollsters and their own fawning media that told them Hillary Clinton's victory was a fait accompli.  At the same time, they ignored or dismissed the implications of the huge crowds Trump drew everywhere he appeared.  They, and the Clinton campaign, ignored the tremendous outpouring of support for Trump by the people the Democrats had crossed off their list of constituents: the white working class the left has always eschewed but taken for granted. In Shakespeare's play, Mark Antony speaks the "Cry havoc!" line while alone with Caesar's body after his assassination.  He is in a rage, calling for revenge against the assassins.  He intends to rile up the crowd at Caesar's funeral with...(Read Full Post)
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