Hillary Clinton's spiraling rage gets Shakespearean

"Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war."  –Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Donald Trump's victory in November was a visceral, traumatic shock to those on the left who had for many long months believed their own pollsters and their own fawning media that told them Hillary Clinton's victory was a fait accompli.  At the same time, they ignored or dismissed the implications of the huge crowds Trump drew everywhere he appeared.  They, and the Clinton campaign, ignored the tremendous outpouring of support for Trump by the people the Democrats had crossed off their list of constituents: the white working class the left has always eschewed but taken for granted.

In Shakespeare's play, Mark Antony speaks the "Cry havoc!" line while alone with Caesar's body after his assassination.  He is in a rage, calling for revenge against the assassins.  He intends to rile up the crowd at Caesar's funeral with "Ate by his side come hot from hell."  Ate is the Greek goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin, and folly.  Is there a better description of the disillusioned left since their defeat?  Caesar's death was as earth-shaking to the Romans as Trump's victory was for the left.  Their refusal to accept the outcome of the election has turned them into angry toddlers banging their spoons on the trays of their high chairs at every opportunity.

For them, Trump's victory was an assassination, a political execution, the blatant betrayal of their favored candidate by voters they now believe to be moronic.  That they never recognized Trump's appeal or Clinton's deficits is a mystery.  They were blinded by their belief in their own right to win.  So disconnected from actual people, those between the coasts who were sick to death of Obama's smug dismissal of their concerns and his disdain for America itself, our blinkered left never considered the possibility that Trump would win.  Then he did.  They have been crying havoc ever since. 

And they have let loose their dogs of war: CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, etc.  For the past six months, these "news" outlets have been on a mission to bring Trump down by any means necessary.  Nothing is beneath their malevolent intent.  Made up stories, anonymous sources (also made up), treasonous leaks of classified material, an anti-Trump spin on every story, no matter how banal, from ice cream scoops to typos in his tweets.  There is no trick of their trade too low to employ.  So convinced of their own moral superiority, they are certain they will succeed, that they will see the man impeached.  They are oblivious to how much of America sees them, as insolent and abusive losers.

Hillary Clinton herself has become the perfect definition of delusional.  She continues to embarrass herself, almost on a daily basis, by blaming everyone and everything but herself for her defeat.  Each time she speaks, she descends deeper into fantasy as to why she lost.  First it was the Russians, an excuse fabricated within a day of her defeat.  The Russians had "hacked" Podesta's email account; turned them over to WikiLeaks; and, even though, as she said at Recode's Code Conference in California, there was nothing interesting in them, the leaks hurt her.  There was in fact a great deal of interesting information in those emails, and much of it should have led to arrests and indictments of persons at the DNC.  Then it was former FBI director James Comey.  Now she blames "1,000 Russian agents" working with the Trump campaign to distort her content!  What content?  Her campaign was based entirely on anti-Trump rhetoric.  She blames "weaponized information" when it was her campaign that invented fake news.  Her delusions are becoming more and more bizarre.

The left and the media that do its bidding, and vice versa, have let their hatred for the president become a form of psychopathy, their revulsion always on display, a self-defeating prophecy.  They seem not to realize that they are ensuring Trump's re-election in 2020.  Like Mark Antony of Shakespeare's play, Hillary's obedient supporters are not good judges of character.  But also like Mark Antony, they do know how to incite fury.  They are inciting fury among their base, to be sure.  Their worker bees such as Rachel Maddow and the late-night comics are all onboard to the delight of their few million viewers.  But millions of others are turning them all off, and millions of others have never heard of any of them anyway.  Even Fox News is understandably tanking.  Most of its anchors and guests have lurched left as well.  But Fox viewers are not turning to CNN or MSNBC.  They are not watching any network or cable news channels. 

Mark Antony is not a perfect analogy for what ails Hillary and the left, as Antony was a far better man than Hillary Clinton is a woman.  He sought to prove Caesar's benevolent character.  There is no one who can or will do that for Hillary.  Even her closest confidantes know she is not a person who cares about anyone but herself, power, and money.  As her interviews of late prove, she is the most self-unaware person on the political scene.  Her own as well as the left's hatred of Trump and all things conservative and Republican brings to mind another quote: 

"In time we hate that which we often fear." –Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

The angry left is demonstrating its fear of the Trump presidency with every hateful word it spews.  Leftists fear his success.  Their venom is working and will continue to work against them.

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