Gorsuch proves himself strong defender of religious freedom

Justice Neil Gorsuch has been on the Supreme Court for only a couple of months, but he's already made his mark as a strong conservative voice. Gorsuch asserted himself in writing concurring and dissenting opinions, aligning himself most frequently with Justice Clarence Thomas and positioning himself to the right of Chief Justice John Roberts. Washington Times: "The guy's not afraid to write," said Josh Blackman, an associate professor at South Texas College of Law. "He's not afraid to assert himself." Confirmed to the court in April, Justice Gorsuch participated in only a small fraction of the cases this year. But in a year that lacked big-name rulings, his ascendance was the biggest story of the court's term. He is already cutting an outsized figure by asking his fair share of questions and taking stances that suggest he will carve out his own jurisprudence on the high court. In one brief dissent...(Read Full Post)