The Beguiled and The Big Sick

Happily, the audience for the delicate, moody-erotic The Beguiled is not that lowest common denominator so often seen at the Biff-Bam school of entertainment, where special effects rule.   The Sofia Coppola-directed historical drama is rich with atmosphere, with photographic meditations frequently invoked through the sultry, tenebrous Spanish moss-draped Southern landscapes, wild grasses and brambles, figurative representations of the subcutaneous emotions of the seven young boarding school charges of Nicole Kidman's governess, Martha Farnsworth, in bucolic Virginia during the late Civil War.   With several murkier films under her directorial belt, Coppola just became only the second woman in film history to take the Cannes Film Festival's Best Director prize.    The toothsome found enemy, a Union soldier with a broken leg, played by the sinewy Colin Farrell, lying in favored state, is attended to by the bevy of boarding school...(Read Full Post)