Damn it, GOP: Do something!

Day in and day out, Americans are witnessing the political assassination of President Trump along with continuous verbal and, at times, physical attacks upon conservatives, yet we encounter no visible defense or offense from the GOP.  Nada!  And we are beginning to wonder why. President Trump steamrolled his victory train through statehouses across the country, turning once-Democratic states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and West Virginia from traditional blue to red.  Republicans captured 35 state governorships along with the House and Senate.  One would think the GOP leadership would be ecstatic and exhibit gratitude to the man who is responsible for such a victory, but instead, the GOP establishment is sitting back with near passivity, much as they did during Obama's administration. Granted, President Trump was an outsider who had never held office before.  Unlike Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and...(Read Full Post)