Canada's bizarre celebration

The truth of P.J. O'Rouke's famous analogy has never been clearer: "Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."  Government bureaucrats in Canada's dominant province of Ontario (who now have the power to remove children from parents who object to their choice of a non-biological gender identity for them) were charged with celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary this summer, and they demonstrated exactly how stupidly they can squander taxpayers' money. The Brockville (Ontario) Recorder reports: A giant rubber duck coming to Brockville this summer as part of the Ontario government's celebrations of Canada's 150th anniversary has taxpayers taking a bath, says a provincial politician. Ontario PC MPP Vic Fedeli said the $200,000 duck tour – more than half of it covered by Ontario – is a sure sign of a government with "messed up"...(Read Full Post)