Canada takes a step in the right direction

We don't know why, but Canada is going to spend more money on defense.  Was it a follow-up to President Trump's remarks or just plain coincidence? This is what we learned from Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland in this report:    In 2016, Canada spent just over 1 percent of its gross domestic product on its military, half of the 2 percent level that is the goal of the NATO alliance.  In fact, Canada ranks 20th of 28 NATO members in military spending.  The United States is No. 1 at 3.6 percent of GDP.     "On the military front, Canada's geography has meant that we have always been able to count on American self-interest to provide a protective umbrella beneath which we have found indirect shelter," Freeland said. But she added that to depend totally on U.S. protection would make Canada a "client state." "To put it plainly, Canadian diplomacy and development sometimes require...(Read Full Post)