A perspective on multiculturalism

While filming ABC's 20/20, I had a Muslim from Lebanon applying makeup while an Israeli immigrant worked the lighting and an Irishman worked the sound.  I could not resist the opportunity afforded and asked the three of them, "When you, the Irishman, leave the room, do you, the Muslim, try to kill you, the Israeli?" We had a good laugh, and the Muslim went on to tell a riveting and emotional account of what it was like living under Islam and how his parents arranged for his escape.  He said he was an atheist, as were his parents, while living under Islam's foreboding shadow of condemnation.  He described what it was like to be in a bombing.  To a deception detection expert, his language indicated experiential knowledge and some post-trauma impact.  These workers clearly enjoyed their professional relationship, as do many in multicultural settings.  In Geneva, Switzerland a few months later, I spoke to many people who came from...(Read Full Post)