Is Trump changing his attitude toward Cuba?

We've been talking about this since the campaign and especially election day.  It is Topic #1 in the Cuban-American community.  Is President Trump about to undo another one of his predecessor's bad deals?  Meaning the one-sided deal with Cuba?  Well, it looks that way: Mr. Trump wants to announce the changes in Miami as early as June and deliver on a campaign promise that remains a cherished demand for the politically conservative Cuban-American exile community, according to aides who spoke on the condition of anonymity. But he has not made a final decision on the steps he will take because of internal disagreements within his administration over how far to go in unwinding one of President Barack Obama’s most significant foreign policy achievements. Clamping down on engagement with Cuba would be a high-profile way for Mr. Trump to showcase a stark break with his predecessor and to fulfill a pledge, delivered during a speech in...(Read Full Post)