UPDATE: Exclusive photos from Iran's low-turnout election

Unprecedented low turnout and a voter boycott of Iran's sham election – with exclusive photos. Iran's presidential elections were held on May 19 with unprecedented low turnout amid a voters' boycott.  On the ground, the polling stations were empty – see the photos below.  It is as if people are denouncing the entire façade of elections as a sham, with the results yet to be announced.  As one Tehran local put it, there is no difference between an imposter and a mass killer – which is shorthand for the two candidates in this final runoff. Take a look at the scenes from Tehran and around the country as the voting courses through. Sham elections are a common event in dictatorial regimes that still feel the need to establish some element of public legitimacy.  The Iranian political system is not democratic, and the 2017 elections are neither free nor fair.  In Iran, the supreme...(Read Full Post)