Two Chicago policemen targeted in assassination attempt

Two Chicago police officers, dressed in plain clothes, were shot and wounded in the city's Back of the Yards neighborhood as they investigated an unrelated crime. The CPD believes THAT the two officers were "targeted" when one or possibly two cars pulled up alongside them at an intersection and opened fire "indiscriminately." ABC News: One officer was shot in the arm and hip and the other in the back, Johnson said. They were taken to a local hospital and are both expected to make a complete recovery, he said. The department believes that the officers were the intended targets. They returned gunfire, according to the department, but it did not say if they hit anyone. "They were firing at the officers," Johnson said. "Right now, there's an extensive manhunt underway for the individuals responsible and we will get them." The officers, who were dressed in plain clothes, were conducting a follow-up investigation to a...(Read Full Post)