Trump 'very happy' with bill outlawing future border wall

While it's commonly known by now that the new spending bill that Congress and the Trump administration agreed to funds mostly Democratic priorities, and doesn't fund President Trump's border wall, what's not widely known is that the new legislation goes even farther than this.  Not only does it not fund the border wall, but it prevents the government from constructing a border wall with any funds. This is important because the government is already authorized, under a 2006 law, to build the wall.  It was just a question of funding.  Before this bill, the president could conceivably reallocate border security funding from things like "technology" to the border wall because the wall was authorized.  Now, when the president signs this bill, he will no longer have the option to build the wall by reallocating funds.  Even if Donald Trump somehow got the Mexicans to pay for it, this legislation would still...(Read Full Post)