Trump deregulating highly toxic mercury and arsenic emissions

Most of President Trump's environmental executive orders have been great.  He has started the process of reconsidering the CAFE standards, which makes cars lighter and more deadly in car crashes.  He is in the process of opening up otherwise worthless lands and oceans to valuable oil, gas, and coal exploration.  He is decoupling environmental policy from imaginary global warming considerations.  These actions are all very, very good. However, three of his executive orders are not so good.  One, which reversed a rule that prevented coal companies from dumping mining waste in local streams, was a rare commonsense rule to come out of the Obama administration.  Mining waste can contain heavy metals such as mercury, an extremely toxic substance.  If mercury enters streams, it can travel long distances.  How would you like to own a farm or a ranch or a house downstream from a mining operation that dumps wastes in a stream? A second rule...(Read Full Post)