Trayvon Martin, doing better, gets astronaut degree

You all probably remember Trayvon Martin, the celebrated black youth who was shot while trying to pound night watchman George Zimmerman's head into the pavement. To the left, Trayvon is a hero, a young man who was shot simply because he was black. To everyone else, he was a thug, with all the evidence, including the bruises on Zimmerman's head, pointing to the fact that Trayvon was trying to kill  him when he got shot. But now Trayvon has "turned his life around" and gotten a degree in aeronautics from Florida Memorial University. I think being dead helped him a lot with his studies; Trayvon won the degree posthumously, because he loved to fly.  I don't know about the flying part, but Trayvon sure loved to get high. Whether Trayvon could have earned the degree if he were alive was debatable. He was suspended from high school for getting into fights with others. In the months and days before his shooting death, Trayvon Martin was getting into...(Read Full Post)