The electoral folly of unbalanced liberals

Ann Coulter recently said she thinks all "Trump true believers are petrified," as reported by the Daily Caller's Alex Pfeiffer.  But at least one Trump supporter thinks loony liberal behavior shows that the president is on the right track. Kurt Schlichter, writing at Town Hall: Pity the Democrats, to the extent you can without bursting into hysterical laughter at their agony. America has thoroughly rejected them in every branch of the federal government plus out in the states, and on top of that they were utterly humiliated by the guy they all claimed was a complete moron. They still haven't realized what's going on. Schlichter contends that liberals are "blinded to the bitter reality" of their loss and "baffled at our refusal to acknowledge their moral, intellectual, and political superiority," and further that their "insanity" will keep them from regaining electoral power. But don't stop. No, pump it...(Read Full Post)