The electoral folly of unbalanced liberals

Ann Coulter recently said she thinks all "Trump true believers are petrified," as reported by the Daily Caller's Alex Pfeiffer.  But at least one Trump supporter thinks loony liberal behavior shows that the president is on the right track.

Kurt Schlichter, writing at Town Hall:

Pity the Democrats, to the extent you can without bursting into hysterical laughter at their agony. America has thoroughly rejected them in every branch of the federal government plus out in the states, and on top of that they were utterly humiliated by the guy they all claimed was a complete moron.

They still haven't realized what's going on.

Schlichter contends that liberals are "blinded to the bitter reality" of their loss and "baffled at our refusal to acknowledge their moral, intellectual, and political superiority," and further that their "insanity" will keep them from regaining electoral power.

But don't stop. No, pump it up. You're at "11," and I say take it to "12." 

Predicting eighteen more months of liberal "shrieking" about Comey, Russians, and "the coming Armageddon," Schlichter contends that Democrats, not Trump supporters, should be terrified:

The Democrats, along with the media and Team Tinfoil, keep whining about Russians Russians Russians, and normal people keep tuning them out. While they're babbling about nonsense that means nothing outside of the coastal looney bins, normal people are tuning into how the stock market and the job market just keep getting better, how we're not taking guff from foreign creeps anymore, and we're not talking about how much taxes will go up but about how much they'll go down.

Trump supporters, indeed, should encourage the president to "keep messing with liberals," says Mr. Schlichter: "It pays dividends every time he provokes them to new heights of lunacy."

Not convinced by Mr. Schlichter?  Aside from observing Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer's tantrum in the Senate sandbox, or Senator Elizabeth Warren's plea for "partisanship to be set aside" so we can all blame the Russians for Trump, or Trump for the Russians, or something, let's turn to a disillusioned liberal pundit:

New York Times columnist Lee Siegel, referencing previous liberal threats to flee the country, says:

This time around, though, I'm thinking of living again in Scandinavia more seriously than I ever have before. Something fundamental has changed in America, for the worse.

It's not just Donald Trump's volatility, or the unfitness of his cabinet appointees, or his possible collusion with Russia, or the certain prospect that everything from health care to quality education will soon be inaccessible to great numbers of Americans.

... Mr. Trump took the lid off the Pandora's box of anti-democratic forces that had been seething for decades.

(Might that last sentence include the "unhinged" Tennessee woman who ran a Republican congressman off the road over his health care vote and wound up "screaming and striking the windows" of his car?)

After acknowledging the "blessings and opportunities" he found in the United States, Mr. Siegel longs for life in Norway, "where health care and world-class higher education are free."  Finally, he channels his inner anger over "what is being lost":

I want to stay, and to stay angry – and to funnel that anger into some type of opposition[.]

Siegel looks to "whistle-blowers from the F.B.I." to "save us" and adds in apparent seriousness that "the I.R.S. will deliver Trump's tax returns to the Republic like Moses presenting the stone tablets of the Law to the Jewish people."

And in a note sure to appeal to the American electorate, Siegel concludes:

Every time we laugh at Alec Baldwin's virtuosic, consoling parodies of Mr. Trump, we make the president a little more familiar, a little more normal.

Though it cuts against the American grain, we have to put the brakes on all this positive thinking. This is no time for American optimism or idealism.

Yes, liberals, please run on putting the brakes on American optimism.

Still not convinced of the electoral folly of unbalanced liberals?  Consider the recent Omaha, Nebraska mayoral race.  When reports surfaced that Democratic candidate Heath Mello held pro-life views, Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez decreed that "all Democrats should be pro-choice."

The Nebraska state party chair blames the subsequent loss to the Republican incumbent in part on Mr. Perez's "statement excluding pro-life individuals from the Democratic Party."  As Andrew Kugle at observes, "[t]he loss was the latest in a series of electoral defeats for Democrats, who have been unable to channel the resistance to President Trump into success at the ballot box."

President Trump would agree, observing in a Fox News interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro that he doesn't think "obstructionist" Democrats can win any more elections unless they start changing their tune."

When Judge Jeanine asked the president what his late brother, and mentor, Fred, would think, Trump's reply, in a reflective moment, was:

Fred would be looking down and he would say keep going. And I would tell you if it were different.

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