Something even more bizarre than Bradley Manning's new look

Bradley Manning (who now calls himself Chelsea) is out of prison!  Something about the young man's profile caught the eye of President Obama, who commuted Manning's sentence for espionage.  So now Manning – who is free, and, no doubt, preparing himself for the rigors of Tinder or Grindr – has a whole new look! Unfortunately, it's a little disappointing.  "Chelsea" doesn't exactly look like a woman.  He looks like a guy trying to be a woman.  In short, he looks a little like Mick Jagger's former boyfriend, David Bowie. The problems with Manning's makeover are numerous.  Manning still has a man's face.  And he has no breasts, making us wonder if all those estrogen pills taxpayers paid for were sugar pills. But the one thing even stranger, or should I say even strangio than Manning is Manning's lawyer, Chase Strangio.  Manning, a man pretending to be a woman, is represented by...(Read Full Post)