Rosenstein's yuge favor for Trump

Rob Rosenstein, Trump's new deputy attorney general, did the Trump agenda a huge favor on Wednesday when he appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the Trump-Russia connection. His action has already taken the wind out of the Democrat media's sails.  They were running story after story in an attempt to keep the pretend scandal on the front pages.  Now they must await the outcome of the investigation.  Congressional investigations will also be put on hold, so as to avoid interfering with the special counselor's investigation. The press will be forced to cover Trump's groundbreaking trip to the Middle East.  They will be forced to report the new job-creating trade deal with Saudi Arabia and the new alliance that Trump is shepherding among Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf Arabs against Iran and ISIS.  Trump will come home from the Middle East a hero. Our prediction of a positive outcome runs...(Read Full Post)