Reality check: Backdoor presidential communications used to be O.K.

The Washington Post ran a breathless headline that Jared Kuschner tried to set up backdoor communications with Russia and implied that it was somehow different and improper. One former CIA director - a Bush-era "Nevertrumper" even called it 'espionage.'  Highly paid talking heads at networks and newspapers throughout the country just repeated what the WaPo said. But after ten months of continuous investigations on election collusion with nothing found and no violations of the law so far, I find it interesting that they have changed their focus to normal conversations after the election, claiming the real issue is backdoor communications. The mission, after all, is to destroy Trump. But backdoor channels have been going on as long as there's been a U.S. presidency. Since research and investigative reporting just aren't important when trashing Trump so I thought I would do about five minutes of research for them. I googled the following...(Read Full Post)