President Trump gives masterful speech

It was refreshing to see President Trump speak to the leaders of the Muslim countries in Riyadh honestly and directly about the problems of Islamist terrorism.  He told them in plain words that they have to drive out the terrorists from their mosques and countries.  He reminded them that terrorists, such as ISIS, kill more Muslims than others.  President Trump spoke bluntly.  The Muslim countries must take care of the terrorists: It is a choice between two futures – and it is a choice America CANNOT make for you. A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremists. Drive them out. DRIVE THEM OUT of your places of worship. DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities. DRIVE THEM OUT of your holy land, and DRIVE THEM OUT OF THIS EARTH. Trump pointed out that terrorism will retard any economic growth in the area, despite its oil riches. Trump spoke like a true American president, telling them that they have...(Read Full Post)