'Nixonian'? Are you kidding me?

President Nixon resigned in August 1974 and died 23 years ago.  Nevertheless, the Democrats cannot let go of the 37th president! Within minutes of Director Comey's dismissal, the adjective "Nixonian" was flowing out of the mouths of Democrats and their friends in the media. Peter Baker of the New York Times compared the firing to the memorable Saturday Night Massacre, the night President Nixon fired Attorney General Elliot Richardson. Mr. Baker wrote this:    In dramatically casting aside James B. Comey, President Trump fired the man who may have helped make him president – and the man who potentially most threatened the future of his presidency. Really?  So Mr. Baker believes that Mr. Comey helped Mr. Trump win the election?  Where is the evidence for that? Mr. Trump's electoral college victory was the result of voters voting their pocketbooks, from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania to Michigan. Are we to...(Read Full Post)