New first-person shooter has players hunting white Americans

Computer games are not immune to the trend of political correctness in films and television shows.  Radical Islamist villains in recent computer games are about as common as they are in movie theaters, which is to say not at all. Perhaps the most striking example of this is Ubisoft's popular "Far Cry" series, comprising "open world" computer games that let you roam luscious jungles, forests, and mountains in search of your prey.  The hallmark of the game is allowing players to tackle problems creatively.  If you have to attack an outpost, you can climb into the hills above and shoot the enemy with a bow and arrow.  Or you can infiltrate by swimming in a stream and use a hunting knife or a silenced pistol at close range.  Or you can plant high explosives around the fortress and then lure the enemy out of his hideout. But while gorgeously programmed, the game's choice of enemies is a little odd. In Far Cry 1, the enemies...(Read Full Post)